Marrying the Past

I’ve started work on a new novel. Nothing breathtaking there I suppose, but I am trying something different. So far I have written three books. ‘After Alyson’ covered the trials and tribulations of Mark Garvey, an amorous Director of Social Services trying to rebuild his life in Devon after the ending of a relationship withContinue reading “Marrying the Past”

Faith not religion

Somebody asked me the other day why I write about religion. I don’t. If I have a theme I write about it is faith, and often misguided faith. In ‘After Alyson’, Mark Garvey places his faith in his ability to resolve his own problems, without addressing the fundamental dissatisfaction he has in life. In ‘Snatched’Continue reading “Faith not religion”

Keeping it real

There is a problem when you write fiction about real places, everybody else owns them Much of ‘Playing the Pools’ draws upon real places. The Halfway House, for example, is a real pub with its own clientele and history. Anybody who has ever wandered in for a cheeky pint will have their own perspective andContinue reading “Keeping it real”

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