Push! Push! Push!

God that was exhausting! And now the real work begins.

Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Pexels.com

I tell you, it’s never ending. My fingers are really sore, been at my laptop every few hours tweeting out. I look knackered. How many ways are there to say ‘buy me!’? And then you have to wait for all the health checks aka reviews? Is it good enough, does the story work? Is it believable?

I suppose every author obsesses over the latest addition to their cannon of work. Writing novels is lonely, writing plays at least allows you to see how an audience, and how actors, deal with your work. The responses are more instantaneous, but longevity is shorter. By comparison novels are on a never ending show-reel. The characters don’t get offered better parts in other people’s books and they don’t have hissy fits with the director. Nor do they ask if they might do a particular scene differently because they want to try it ‘as if they’re Brando’.

The other difference is that the success of ‘Playing the Pools’ is out of my hands. I don’t mean that I will not do my best to promote the book, far from it. I can’t control what people make of it though. You just hope that enough people will get the point of it all, be entertained and recommend it to others. For me writing isn’t about numbers, its about the people who read or see what I’ve written enjoying my work.

The next challenge is what to write next. My personal slush pile grows by the day. Ideas I’ve started that work in my head but don’t seem to translate to the page. That and writing something new. I started playing around with an idea a couple of weeks ago only to realise that it was too close to something that I had already written. Deleted. I’m sure that’s the difference. I am pretty sure that women who have given birth don’t immediately decide to get down to it again the morning after the new arrival emerges. That’s writing though, a joyless taskmaster that haunts your waking hours and sometimes disturbs your sleep. ‘Oh, get over yourself Sindall! If you want joyless try working for Deliveroo for a day, or working in an ICU during COVID’. Bloody writers!

Buddhist call a period of uncertainty ‘living in the gap’. I think for the next month or so, aside to this blog, I am going to put writing to one side. The ideas will come and in the meantime if you do manage to get your hands on a copy of ‘Playing the Pools’ enjoy it.

Until next time.

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Writer of novels and plays

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